eMule Version 0.60v2 Free

The famous music videos, movies and other files sharing software throughout the Internet

Imagine the Internet as an archipelago consisting of thousands and thousands of disconnected islands. This multitude of islands is actually users spread throughout the world with no connection to one another. A much needed piece of information, sought after for quite a while by one user, can be found on his neighbor's PC without any of them being none the wiser.
Now imagine there's a system of advanced and sophisticated roads and bridges connecting each and every island to every other island in that archipelago. Now, add to that connecting system of roads a central control unit, which can tell what every island has to offer. If you bear in mind that there's no need to add to that equation the DMV, the whole thing sounds quite good.
That's a quite accurate graphic depiction of eMule, today, one of the world's most reliable and commonly used peer to peer file sharing software program. eMule is actually a great way of searching for the information and files you need on each PC connected to eMule. You don’t have to know who it is you're getting the information from, you don’t have to be nice to them, you don’t have to remember their birthday and you don’t have to invite them over for coffee to get what you need. eMule does all of that for you.
As eMule is based on open source technology, many developers continue contributing to the project, making both the software program and the network continuously more reliable and efficient.
Users come first